Friday, March 11, 2011

A Boy....A Tree....A God of the Universe

Matthew and I have been on a journey through our new Bible curriculum.  Tune in next week for the details of it as I will be posting a review on it on Tuesday.  It's amazing and refreshing! our lesson was about our God being the God of the Universe.  Our God is Truth, Creation and all Power.  During our discussion time, we shared about how we can see God all around us because He has created all things.  We talked about our beautiful Camelia tree that I mentioned in the previous post.  So, when our lesson was done Matthew said he wanted to go outside.  He said he wanted to climb our Magnolia tree and sit there and watch God's creation.  Praise Jesus for his tender heart.  So, I sneaked out there and stole a couple of pictures of him without him knowing.  Then, I was discovered and as you will see in the last picture he became a ham and had to "cheese" for the camera.  So, here is Matthew "watching God's creation" as he puts it.  Enjoy!

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