Friday, March 11, 2011

A Boy....A Tree....A God of the Universe

Matthew and I have been on a journey through our new Bible curriculum.  Tune in next week for the details of it as I will be posting a review on it on Tuesday.  It's amazing and refreshing! our lesson was about our God being the God of the Universe.  Our God is Truth, Creation and all Power.  During our discussion time, we shared about how we can see God all around us because He has created all things.  We talked about our beautiful Camelia tree that I mentioned in the previous post.  So, when our lesson was done Matthew said he wanted to go outside.  He said he wanted to climb our Magnolia tree and sit there and watch God's creation.  Praise Jesus for his tender heart.  So, I sneaked out there and stole a couple of pictures of him without him knowing.  Then, I was discovered and as you will see in the last picture he became a ham and had to "cheese" for the camera.  So, here is Matthew "watching God's creation" as he puts it.  Enjoy!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Little Glimpse of God's Creation in My Own Front Yard

Last June, the Lord blessed us with a house!  We had been praying and dreaming for so long to be able to buy a home.  We knew that, in the Lord's timing, it would happen.  There are so many things we love about our new home, but there is one that strikes me sweetest.  I waited with great anticipation for February to come.  I knew that the large Camelia tree in the front courtyard of my house would bloom beautifully.  And it did!  Enjoy the pictures of God's lovely creation.

As more flowers bloomed, more bees came.  Normally that would frighten me.  But, the bees seemed to be friendly!  They were busy gathering the nectar and only stayed at the tree.  I would sit at my front window and watch them at work.  My cat seemed amused by them too!

It's now almost mid-March and many of the flowers have died or fallen, but there is still a beautiful hue of pink outside my front window.  I loved seeing the pile of pink petals gather beneath the tree.  It looked like pink snow.  When all the flowers are gone, I'll wait, yet again, for my February bloom next year.....

Monday, March 7, 2011

Drawing Class with Kid Creations - Week 1

My sweet friend, Becky Brooks, from Kid Creations is coming to my house every Monday in March to teach a Beginner's Drawing Class!  My son, Matthew, is so very excited.  He loves to draw!  You can check out Kid Creations blog by clicking HERE.  She is an amazing artist and so very patient with kids.  She will come to your house to teach and will give you up to 2 of your children FREE for the class.  Woohoo!  She did a clay class with us during the summer and Matthew was thrilled to work the clay, fire the clay in a kiln and glaze it.  His projects are proudly displayed throughout the house.  Here are some pictures of today's drawing class.

Stay tuned for more updates and pics from Matthew's drawing class each Monday in March.  I'm so excited to see his skill improve and his confidence boost!  In the meantime, check out Kid Creations and pick your own class to host today!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blog Walk March 7-11

Blog Walking is a great way to meet new people and read about their experiences homeschooling.  You might find someone who schools or thinks like you.  You might find great information on a new resource, curriculum or teaching technique. Blog Walking is a great way to learn more about the world of home education.

Please click around on the links below and feel free to leave a message or two if you feel led.  We bloggers like to see that other homeschoolers have found us and like what they have read.

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