Friday, October 18, 2013

A Light for My Path - An ABC Book based on Psalm 119 ~ Review

I just love Apologia.  We use their science curriculum and we have several of their books and resources.  Apologia gives me a confidence that their product will be beautiful, Bible based, and inviting.

A Light for My Path by Davis Carman is just that. 

This soft cover book is a full 80 pages.  This brings me to purpose #1 of this book.  At first thought, you may have wondered why a pre-school book was soft cover with paper pages.  Oh, my!  Well, this treasure is meant to be shared with your child while cuddling on the couch, or while tucked in bed for the night.  Reading together is a special time to bond.

I've never seen an ABC book like this before.  The illustrations are beautiful and tranquil.  It looks like hand painted watercolor with every turn of the page.  Purpose #2 is clear.  It's that time in life for your child to learn the alphabet.  Carman takes you through the English alphabet using the beauty of God's creation to enchant the way.  With each new letter, you are greeted by an animal of that letter.  Illustrator, Alice Ratterree, creatively weaves the previous animal/letter into the next illustration.  What a beautiful example of how God's world is so intricately woven together.

Notice how the baby Koala bear (K) is in the background of this picture for Light (L) with the lady bug.  You will find this throughout the book.  What a fun game to add to your time as you search for the "letter animals". 

No greater gift can be given to your child than to have a deep love and respect for God's Word.  Carman shows this in purpose #3 as he uses each letter to describe an attribute of God.  In the above picture, the L page describes God as Light.  "God's Word, Law, Statutes, Decrees, Commands, and Precepts are....Light".  These simple words to describe our God will help to introduce your child to Him.

Now, for the sweet surprise in the last part of the book.  The Hebrew alphabet!  Purpose #4 is so unique that it might make this book a one-of-a-kind.  Psalm 119 is a poem, divided into twenty-two stanzas.  The corresponding Hebrew letter for each stanza is shown at the top of the page along with its English spelling to help you pronounce the letter correctly.  Now, that is God inspired creativity.

This beautiful book can be purchased at the Apologia website for just $14.  Click HERE to get there right away!  If you would like to read what my Mosaic Review team peeps are saying then click HERE.

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