Friday, April 22, 2011

See the Light Art Curriculum Review

See The Light presents Art Class!  This art curriculum provides 36 step-by-step basic lessons that integrate art history and biblical truths.  No workbooks; just basic progressive skill building.  The program is designed for ages 6-10.  Pat Kneply, Master Artist, will become your child's in home Art Tutor.  Let me introduce you to Pat as she tell you a bit about Art Class and See The Light in this short video...

Art Class can be purchased on disc or as an online subscription.  The DVD collection includes 9 discs, each with 4 lessons.  I was given Disc #1 in exchange for writing an honest review.  This Disc contained the first 4 lessons, 3 of which can be seen for FREE on the website.  Just click HERE if you would like to watch them.
 There are 2 options for you to purchase Art Class by See the Light.  The 1 Year set which includes 9 DVD's is $99.99 or you can purchase an online subscription for $10 per month.  The online subscription option gives you access to 4 lessons per month (or the equivalent of 1 DVD).   Each month thereafter your subscription unlocks the following four lessons while still giving you access to all the lessons you have already worked through.  I see benefits to either option.  By purchasing the 1 Year DVD Set you will have immediate access to all the lessons and can work at your own pace, repeat lessons, and have the lessons for years to come for younger children who may not be old enough yet.  It's a one time purchase that can last a lifetime.  By choosing the online subscription, the cost will be spread out over time.  This is especially beneficial to anyone who really wants the program but does not have the current budget for the disc collection.  Which option fits your family better?  Click HERE to order now.  You'll also be able to see other Art products that See The Light has to offer.

My son (age 11) and I both watched Disc One together.  This DVD provides the first 4 lessons which include Tools of the Trade, It All Starts with a Line, Contours & Composition, Draw What You See, and a Bonus lesson from Chalk It Easy Chalk Art.  You can see the complete curriculum for the Art Class by clicking HERE.  The following is what we liked and did not like...

  • Each art lesson was accompanied by a scriptural lesson.  For example, Lesson 1 is all about becoming familiar with the basic tools needed for drawing and setting up your art tool kit.  This was related to how the Bible is like the tool kit that God has given us.  All the tools we need in life are in the Bible - God's "tool kit" for us.
  • The lessons are referred to as Club Meetings, which gave a sense of belonging to something important.
  • The lessons were only about 10-15 minutes which would make it manageable to fit into our already full schedule
  • Each lesson ends with an assignment for the student to be working on until the next lesson.  They aren't complicated or difficult, but will encourage continued practice of the technique or concept learned.
  • The materials that are needed are easily accessible and inexpensive.
  • Pat makes a wonderful connection with the viewer.  I really had the sense she was talking to me.  
  • Tips on how to do certain techniques if you are a "lefty" are shared which I found to be very thoughtful.
  • We thought it would be a fun family activity.  I even enjoyed watching the DVD's and doing the art together with my son.  I don't think it's just for kids!
Dislikes - most of these come simply from my own personal weirdness. 
  • At times, the camera was unsteady and it made me feel dizzy. 
  • My apologies to Pat, but for the first 3 lessons her hair was hanging in her face along the sides and bangs and it was distracting to me.  I kept wanting to sweep it aside or tuck it behind her ears LOL  But, by the 4th lesson it seemed more trim and wasn't hanging in her face.  Maybe she got it cut?
  • I was very excited to get the bonus Chalk-It-Easy Chalk Art Lesson.  But, when she used the dry paper towel on the board to blend the chalk my skin just about crawled off of me.  It took a lot to keep watching, but I did.  Gloria is a very talented artist, but she makes no connection with the viewer.  Most of this lesson is a view of the back of her head.
  • We felt the price was a bit outside of our budget for an art curriculum.  But, for a family who feels art is a premium subject or who has multiple children to benefit from it for the one price then the cost may be just right!
Overall, we felt this was a wonderful art curriculum.  Pat is so personable and the lessons were beautifully presented, educationally sound and appropriately connected to God's Word.  I think it would be a wonderful addition to a family who loves art and it is a smart investment for a family with multiple children since one purchase will provide art lessons for everyone!  

Any products reviewed by me as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew have been given to me free of charge in order for me to provide you with an honest review of the product and/or how we used the product within our family. I do not receive any other form of compensation for the reviews posted on this blog.

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  1. Good job with this review, Doreen! I agree, this art class series is nicely done--and Pat Knepley is very talented and enthusiastic! :)