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Latin For Children - Classical Academic Press - Review

"Classical Subjects Creatively Taught".  That's the motto of Classical Academic Press.  Just this year, we have begun to incorporate more classical learning into our homeschool curriculum.  I was extremely excited when I found out I was selected to review Latin for Children.  It was an even greater treat when my 11 year old son showed as much enthusiasm.  I see Latin just as Classical Academic Press describes it - an opportunity to learn a foreign language that would also strengthen his English vocabulary and prepare him for such careers as law, medicine, philosophy or theology if he so choses one of those paths.  Matthew, on the other hand, thought it would be "totally cool to learn Latin because noone knows it and it would be like we could talk to each other in code.  It's ancient!"  Whatever his motivation, we were both ready to dive in!

Since Matthew had never had any exposure to Latin, we were provided with the Latin for Children A, Mastery Bundle.  Every piece of this set has been valuable to our learning Latin experience.
This set is designed for grades 3-6.  It is the first set in a series of three.  It is followed by Set B and Set C.  This set includes:
  • Primer A Textbook
  • Primer A Answer Key
  • DVDs & Chant CDs
  • History Reader
  • Activity Book
You may think that all of these tools are not needed.  Maybe you could just do with the textbook and answer key?  I'm here to tell you that you are mistaken.  We have found extreme value in every piece of this set.  My son asks to watch the Chapter Lesson on DVD every day.  He listens to the Chant CD every day.  He loves it!  He has enjoyed the Activity Book and it is so useful in practicing the lessons in a fun way.  The Answer Key, for me was a necessity.  Latin is "all Greek to me" so the answer key really pulled me through.  This set is only $99.95 and you can click HERE to get it. 

Latin for Children can also be purchased in a Basic Bundle.  This includes the textbook, answer key and DVD & Chant CD.  That set is $76.95.  You can purchase each item separately and also additional items to complement your curriculum including flash cards and a test packet.  Each level A-C offers bundles and individual items.  If you have older children, you will enjoy the Latin Alive!  curriculum which is designed for grades 9-12.  Or, if you have younger children, select Song School Latin which is for grades K-3.

The website offers several FREE RESOURCES!  Just a few examples of what you will find there are:
  • Flash Dash Game
  • Suggested Weekly Schedule
  • Quizzes & Tests with Answer Keys
  • Basic Latin Charts
  • Flash Cards

Latin for Children exposes the student to Classical and Ecclesiastical Latin.  You can choose whichever you prefer and all the tools cover both.  Even the DVD has an option at the beginning to choose which style you want to see/hear.  We prefer to use the DVD more often than the CD when at home because it covers what the CD offers AND provides a video lesson of the grammar covered for the Chapter.  The Chants are done by children and they use hand motions to accompany the words being sung.  Matthew really enjoys that.  The CD is a great tool for use in the car.

We have been so excited about learning Latin with Classical Academic Press' Latin for Children that I could go on and on about it.  I'll stop right here though.  I leave you with this video which will answer many more of your questions and give you even more insight into the approach of this curriculum.  Enjoy!

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