Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Have To Teach What? What's That?

As I tiptoe through the breezy field called Homeschool, life just seems so simple and in order.


Let's be real here.  I've been homeschooling now for 4 years.  The subject content for 2nd-4th grade was not difficult (for me anyway).  Add, subtract, multiply, divide, parts of speech, types of sentences....I remember that stuff.  Science was more about discovering the world and how things work and react to one another and doing fun experiments.  History, well, we did a lot of reading.  Then 5th grade hit this year and some things changed.  I still have the spelling, math, science and history under control.  But, I have to be honest about Language Arts.  I haven't diagrammed a sentence in over 2 decades.  I tried convincing myself that it wasn't really necessary and we could skip those lessons.  But, I found that it really helped Matthew to understand how words relate to one another in a sentence.  So, we pressed on......prayerfully.

Now, we are diving into Latin.  What?  
"I took French and Italian in high school and college, Matthew.  Can't we do those languages?" 
"No.  Latin is cool, Mom.  It's ancient and noone really knows it and we'll sound like we are talking in code to one another.  Plus, I want to learn it so I can teach Latin to my friends in Sunday School." 
How can a mother resist?  So, we pressed on......prayerfully. 

I realize this is just the beginning.  What happens when the really "scary" subjects start to come?  Like....