Saturday, December 21, 2013

Udderly Smooth Cream ~ Review


Yes, the "udder" jokes have been flying around my house for the past couple of weeks.  I was thrilled when I received my generous box of "pamper me" products from Udderly Smooth.  Wouldn't you be excited to dive into this?
TWO Hand Creams....Foot Cream....Body Cream

I'm about to get Udder-fied!

First, I dove into the hand cream.  I have eczema and tend to be cautious about lotions, but I have heard of Udderly Smooth before and I know they are a trusted name.  Sha-Smooth!  It was light weight and non-greasy.  It absorbed well and had only a light natural fragrance.  It did not cause me any inflammation.  The small one now lives happily in my purse and the larger one is content to be on my desk where I work. 

The next day was my "shave the legs" day.  Don't judge.  It's winter and this is only a 3 day per week event now.  For me, shaving brings dryness.  It's time to smooth on my Udderly Smooth body cream.  The texture was thicker than the hand cream, but not goopy (is that even a word?).  I prefer my creams from a tube or pump, but this comes in a jar.  I would suggest taking some out of the jar using a mini beauty spatula in order to avoid contamination in the jar.  This probably doesn't even need to be mentioned, but, at least wash your hands well first.  Anyhoo....back to the body cream.  It absorbed well.  I actually re-applied it because I felt I needed more.  I'm not sure if this was my dry, dry skin or the product.  Regardless, I sure didn't mind.  It felt nice. eczema issues!

OK, now is where I'm going to get a little TMI for some of you.  The foot cream.  This also comes in a jar.  Other foot creams I have used were much thicker.  This was not.  By the look of it, I expected it to be but it was not.  I think I would have preferred it to be a little thicker.  OK, back to my feet.  My feet are not pretty.  I live in Florida and rarely wear socks, so my feet take a weathered beating.  Plus, I take karate and I am barefoot whenever I am in class or practicing and I'm sure you can imagine what that can do to a lady's feet.  Enough said.  I thought I would conduct an experiment and use the foot cream on only one of my feet.  I only used the Udderly Smooth Foot Cream.  I did not use a pumice stone or any other galmourfying tool (again, is that even a word?).  The foot on the left is the Udderfied foot and the foot on the right is the, ahem, not Udderfied. 

This was after only THREE days of applying the foot cream in the morning and at night.  Amazing, right?  Yes!  I took one for the team and shared my scaly foot with you all....*ShUDDER*.  But, I thought it would be the best way for you all to see this great product in action.  To top it off, this picture was taken several hours after applying the cream and after wearing my sandals all day.

Don't just take my word for it.  Included in my box of review goodies were several sample packets of the body cream.  I decided to share these with some friends of mine and asked that they give me their honest opinion.  Here are their two cents....

"I udderly love it! I used it on my legs after shaving and they were soft all day!" ~ Danyel

"I really like the fragrance and how smooth the lotion feels. It was a bit greasy, for my lotion taste, but after washing and drying my hands once, it left my hands very soft. I would probably use it for a night time moisturizer on my hands and feet." ~ Brenna

"Loved it!  It wasn't greasy and it smelled nice.  I have to get some." ~ Liz

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Udderly Smooth products are easy to find.  Click HERE to visit their website and get a complete list of retailers that offer it.  Prices will vary with each location.  Click HERE to see all of the Udderly Smooth products and a list of ingredients.

You can also get in on the scoop by checking out their Facebook page or on Twitter.

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  1. Thanks for the honest review. Your foot pic was AMAZING!! I have never tried this brand but am always looking for new lotions to try. One that actually works that is. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.