Monday, June 17, 2013

How Do We Know God Is Really There? ~ Book Review

Ah, the question every child asks at one point.  As an adult parent this can be a hard one.  How do we keep it simple enough so our child will understand?  Inquiring minds want to know!

How Do We Know God Is Really There? by Melissa Cain Travis is a beautifully illustrated book that is a perfect share with your child. 

This hardcover book is presented to you by Apologia.  Here is a little clip from their website to tell you more about it...

Thomas and his father escape to their backyard tree house most evenings to watch the night sky through a telescope. Thomas is dazzled by what he sees of God’s creation, but he has questions. “Dad, how do we know God is out there?” he asks one night. “I know the Bible says He’s there. But how do we really know that’s true?” Together, Thomas and his father begin to examine the cosmological evidence for God’s existence. This is the first in an exciting new series of picture books designed to introduce kids to important questions of the Christian faith in terms even pre-readers can understand. Read this aloud with your family, and you’ll come away knowing that “the heavens declare the glory of God and the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” (Psalm 19:1). 

I especially loved that the story begins with a father and son sharing their nightly time together.  What a treasure!  You are invited to share in their special time as they discover new things and learn about God's creation.  I read this aloud to my 13 year old son.  Yes, he still loves to hear me read and he is such a trooper when I need to review books for younger children.  We both agreed that the story was interesting and the illustrations were whimsical and fed the imagination.  I was told that this book is for grades K-3.  My son and I both agreed for that to be accurate for the illustrations.  However, we felt the story line and language used was more for grade 2-4.  I would still recommend it for younger children as the story is fun and has an attention grabbing flow to it.  Click HERE to see a sample of a few pages.

You can purchase your own copy of How Do We Know God is Really There? at the Apologia website for only $16.00.  Click HERE


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