Friday, May 10, 2013

Ooka Island Adventure - Learn to Read - Review

Ooka Island is a Learn-to-Read game for ages 3-7, or through grade 2.  Its comprehensive approach includes the following fundamentals:  phonemic awareness, phonetics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.  From the very beginning, children are involved in their own unique Ooka Island adventure!
  • First, set up your password!  Ooka uses pictures for passwords instead of words so even the pre-reader can be as independent as possible when logging in.
  • Second, create your avatar!  Have fun making your avatar look just like you, or just like a cooky alien creature.  There are so many colors and features to choose from, your child's avatar is sure to be as unique as he is.
  • Third, meet your guide, Zobot!  Zobot will take you around the island and encourage you along the way.
As the parent, you can either choose to just get started or have your child take an assessment "test" called the Ooka Compass.  Ooka is all about mastery, so your child will not be rushed along.  He can work at his own pace and progress to each level as he masters each lesson. Ooka uses a system called the Learning Flow Cycle.  Here is how it goes....

Because each child works at his own pace and has the opportunity for optional added activities and learning, it is a great fit for any level.  Whether your child is an emerging or reluctant reader, or advanced and gifted, Ooka Island can help them grow into a more fluent and mastered reader.  The instruction is adaptive and progresses at the learning pace of your child.  The e-readers are narrated and the progress reports allow the parent to have a record of their child's learning adventure.

Have fun away from the computer with the Ooka Tunes app and Ooka Island Workbooks.  Encourage your child to explore books that align with the level they are at in their program.  Reading can be fun and easy and Ooka Island can be the tool to get your child excited about mastering his reading skills.

Ooka Island offers different membership options, from individual to family to full class size.  Choose the Home Edition, School Edition, or Homeschool Edition.  Since most of my readers are Homeschool families, I will share the pricing for that option.  But you can visit the website by clicking HERE to see the pricing for all of the options.  

For a family of up to four students:  $19.95 per month OR $149.95 a year
For one student:  $12.95 per month OR $124.95 a year

For an additional 30% off your membership, just use the special link for my readers below!  Woohoo!  Big savings! 

Take this quick 45 second tour of Ooka Island to catch a glimpse at the fun learning activities your child will be using.  Buckle your seat belt!

Ooka Island is a downloadable program and is compatible with Mac or Windows.  The file is pretty big, so be patient as it loads.  I had a little difficulty getting it to load onto one of my computers, but the customer service at Ooka was right on top of things to help me out.  I contacted them with a couple of other questions as I got started and they were very quick to respond and helpful.

You should also be aware that Ooka Island has aligned with Common Core Standards.  Personally, I am not in agreement with CCS and its agenda, however, I will not boycott a product simple because they are in alignment with CCS.   I would not exclude an outstanding reading program simply because they follow these standards.  My priority is to provide the best educational option for my child and for the students I tutor. If Ooka Island is that product, then I will choose it regardless.  I realize that there are others who feel more strongly about this topic though, so I thought I should mention it.
Have an Ookarific Fun Time learning to read!

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