Monday, October 10, 2011

Visual Latin Review


Now that's different!  Laugh through Latin?  That will catch your eye.  Since when is Latin and laugh used in the same sentence?  Well, I was soon to find out that it was when Visual Latin was born.  What a brilliant concept!  Take a subject that is typically accompanied by a big yawn and make it fun and entertaining.  Dwane Thomas, the Latin teacher, sure knows how to get the students' attention.

Visual Latin is different than many Latin curriculum in that the lessons are all on video.  You can pause, rewind and watch the entire lesson over and over again.  Each lesson has three parts:  grammar, sentences, and reading.  After each part, the student completes a short PDF worksheet to practice and apply what they just learned.  So, it's a great combination of learning styles.  Instead of memorizing lists of words and conjugations, students will actually be using what they are learning right away.  By putting it into context and usage, students will retain the material more readily.

Take a peak at this video so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about.

My son, age 11, and I watch the videos together.  I enjoy them as much as he does! I'm also learning :)  A couple of times we were laughing so hard we had to pause it and rewind.  Thanks goodness for video!  If you would like to watch all three parts of the first lesson then click HERE.  You can also download the PDF worksheets for this lesson too.  After watching them, you'll likely be hooked.  So, hop HERE and download 6 FREE lessons.

OK, now let's get into some of the info you are probably wondering about.  Visual Latin is for ages 9 and up.  It is broken up into Latin 1 and Latin 2.  Each has 30 lessons, so about 1-2 lessons per week.  Click HERE to check out the scope and sequence for Latin 1.  Of course, you can work as fast or as slow as you want or need.  Visual Latin can be used for high school credit when combined with Lingua Latina Pars 1 and Lingua Latina Exercita 1.  You can read more about that HERE.
You can purchase Visual Latin in DVD format or as a download in iTunes M4v format.  This works with Mac or PC.  If you choose to the download option you don't have to do it all at once.  Your downloads will stay in your account at The Compass Store and you can access them at any time.  This is a good thing, because each lesson took me about 10 minutes to download.  For that reason, I'll be buying our additional lessons on DVD.

So let me break down the cost for you a bit.  Of course, you can always just click HERE when you are ready to order your own.  These prices are for single family/homeschool purchases.  Group and class prices are different and  you should check the website for that information.
  • Latin 1 - Lesson 1-30 Complete DVD only $80.00 (that's the sale price right now)
  • Latin 1 - Lesson 1-10, 11-20, 21-30 Download only $25.00 each
  • Latin 1 - Lesson 1-10, 11-20, 21-30 DVD only $30.00 each
If you have any questions about Visual Latin or just want to chat with Dwane, the teacher, you can find him on Facebook.  Just click HERE.  He is happy to answer any questions!  Happy Latin Learning to ya!

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